Why Choose SEE ?

We offer you following benefits of cataract surgery
  1. Well experienced and fellowship trained super specialist doctor.
  2. Micro incision cataract surgery i.e. sub 2.2mm cut to avoid any glass power in the eye following operation.
  3. Ozil Infinity Torsional Phacoemulsification system, which is a completely disposable system with torsional phacoemulsification (phacoemulsification in a sideway plane of the needle) in addition to linear phacoemulsification (phacoemulsification along the length of phacoemulsification needle). It has very effective fluid parameters to enable a very quick and efficient, but safe cataract surgery even in hard and ripped cataracts, especially being cornea friendly.
  4. Safe, well-ventilated, sterile Operative environment.
  5. No injection, drop anesthesia, under the guidance of an efficient well-trained anesthetist doctor.
  6. All the options of Intraocular Lens implants to give you a glass free vision.
  7. Well-behaved, cooperative staff in the clinic.
  8. Latest equipment to assess the eye before the operation, including Lens power calculation.
  9. Last but not the least, Cost-effective, custom tailored treatment.
  10. Insurance and mediclaim coverage possible for all those with insurance cover.
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