Refraction Unit

Refraction Unit

Autorefracto keratometer (Huvitz, USA)

This instrument is used for computerised testing of refractive or spectacle power of the eye. This unit automatically computes the spectacle power of the eye and at the same time computes the exact axis and the amount of astigmatism. It also assesses the pupillar distance, thus enabling that the glasses are set perfectly in the frames.

Autorefractometer (Tomey, Japan)
Autolensometer-(Tomey, Japan)

Computes the power of the spectacles  the patient is wearing .


An efficient and accurate method of assessing the spectacle power prescription for the eyes, when coupled with computerized spectacle readings on autorefractometer.

It allows an exact simulation of glasses with accuracy of maintaining accurate, papillary distance( i.e. distance between the centres of two eyes).

Keratometer-Appasamy Associates, India

Measures the curvature of front surface of the cornea.
Useful for perfect fitting of contact lenses and in calculating the IOL power before cataract surgery.

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