What is Torsional Phacoemulsification?

The Ozil torsional portion is a hardware and software upgrade of the machine that produces rotary oscillations of the needle tip at a fast rate. This movement does not produce repulsion and breaks up cataract by shearing and hence reduces heat developed and quick breakdown of the cataract. In conventional machine, the US power breaks the cataract by moving the needle tip forward and backward at a high speed. This produces repulsion effect pushing the cataract away with each stroke as it moves forward. Thus, the US is interrupted and efficiency is compromised.

What is Ozill Infinity system of Phacoemulsification?

Ozil Infinity phacoemulsification is an integrated program which combines

  • Torsional Ultrasound system, more effective for hard and mature cataracts.
  • Micro coaxial small incision system ( MCCS or MICS ).
  • Intrepid Fluidics system to maintain a stable & safe eye chamber during the operation.
  • Complete disposable (no reuse) system, decreasing the risk of infection and better aspiration of broken cataract pieces with excellent fluidics management.
  • Autosert Intraocular lens injector-which allows controlled introduction of the lens inside the eye.
What is MCCS or MICS (Micro Coaxial Phacoemulsification)?

A cut taken for introducing the phacoemulsification needle and to introduce the intraocular lens into the eye is very small, about 2.75 mm with conventional technique. With MCCS, it is smaller to 2.2 mm and MICS it is near to 1.8 mm allowing the cut to be a square rather than rectangle, which increases the stability of wound significantly. This ultra-small incision allows a very safe wound minimizing the chances of infection and also a step towards the no glass outcome following a cataract surgery.

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