Other Services

Other Services

Contact Lens Clinic

The Contact Lenses have no longer remain a cosmetic need, but a number of lens designs have been developed to help improving the vision in corneas with scar, keratinous, corneal ectasia, dry eyes or in severe cases after chemical or thermal burns to the eyes or Stevens Johnson syndrome. These eyes otherwise were handicapped with poor vision with glasses. Specialty lenses like RGP Lenses ( Rose K2 Lenses, Reverse geometry lenses etc) or Scleral lenses (mini or large scleral Lenses) have been regularly dispensed to our patients with the corneal disabilities.It could also benefit children with one eye amblyopia and high powered glasses. An appointment for these lenses could be taken online also from our website contact page. Add pics of contact lenses will send them

Lenses like Rigid gas permeable lenses, Rose K2 lenses, Piggyback lenses. Mini or semi scleral lenses have been fitted in many of our patients with abnormal shape of cornea like keratoconus, pellucid degeneration or even severe dry eyes.
A recent add on to our CL clinic is Boston PROSE lenses, which are mainly used for cases of Dry Eyes, Steven Johnson syndrome or alkali, acid or thermal burns to eyes.

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Glaucoma Services

Glaucoma is the term used to describe high or normal eye pressures which damages the light transmitting conduction channel i.e. Optic nerve. Glaucoma, if left alone without treatment can result in complete blindness. It is a routine comprehensive check-up of the eyes that can detect early changes of glaucoma. Patients, who present with complaints, are usually in moderate to advanced stage of the disease.
Following tests are available at our clinic for a good care of guacamole eyes
1.Applanation Tonometry- which help detect accurate eye pressures.
2.Gonioscopy- which determines the out channels of the eye,helps in determining the type of glaucoma in your eye.
3.Automated Perimetry-which help map the field of vision of individual eye, and predicts the severity of glaucoma damage.
4. OCT -It can help map the Optic nerve head(ONH),RNFL thickness, or even detect the narrowing go outflow channels.
Lasers like Nd:YAG Iridotomy or cyclophotocoagulation, Glaucoma filtration surgeries are performed by our experts to control glaucoma. Patients with corneal transplant developing glaucoma are given an extra care so as to maintain a good vision throughout their life.
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Retina Services

Retina, being the backbone of the whole eye, if affected can cause irreversible loss of vision. Our team of Retina specialist can help solve these with great ease and skill. Retinal lasers, Intravitreal injections for diabetic eye problems or age related macular degenerations(ARMD) or even retinal surgeries like Scleral buckling, are being performed at SEE by retinal experts. Know more

Paediatric Services

Childhood blindness has been a major problem affecting the developing countries like India. It has been our constant Endeavour to remove blindness in these subgroups. The cornea specialist, Dr Parul Deshpande, has been performing corneal transplants in these young kids including those as young as 1 month old. Our constant effort is to fight amblyopia or functional vision loss in children between 1 month to 8-10 years with glasses or Occlusion or patching or squint surgeries.
Our Squint surgeons help achieve a good cosmetic and functions visual outcome after squint surgeries. Know more

Oculoplastic Services

Oculoplasty means plastic surgeries of the eyes.It can correct a lid malposition to a fracture around the eye or even tumors or cancers of the eyes. An inturned or outurned eyelid , a droopy upper lid, or an overflowing eye due to Lacrimal path block, need oculoplasty surgery to correct the deformity.


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