Gonioscope (Volk, Germany)

Assessment of depth of the angles of the anterior chamber Essential tool for detecting the type of Glaucoma and prediction of the eyes that are predisposed to developing High pressures inside the eyes.

Corneal Pachymetry
Slit lamp Bi-microscopy

Slit lamp bi-microscopy with 78 or 90 D lens-for assessment of the optic nerve, which is affected in glaucoma. Fundus photographs can be imaged for future comparison.

Applanation Tonometer
  • To measure intraocular pressure of the eyes. Gold standard for measuring pressure inside the eye or intraocular pressure with a small feather touch.
  • Two types available in our clinic:-
    A) Slit lamp mounted (Zeiss,Germany)- Photograph
    B) Perkins Tonometer- Hand held portable applanation tonometer, esp for children or for examination under anesthesia in some cases.
Humphrey automated visual field Analyzer-Zeiss (Germany)
  • The Gold Standard test in glaucoma diagnosis and management.
  • An instrument which evaluates field of vision of an eye i.e. ability of an individual eye to see the surroundings, simultaneous to viewing an abject directly in front (i.e. side vision).
  • It evaluates the extent of loss of field of vision which is hallmark feature of eyes with glaucoma where the fields progressively shrink till only a central island of vision is left, which if untreated, extinguishes leading to blindness.
  • Also helpful in certain neurological conditions like inadequate supply of blood into brain or brain tumors.
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