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The Contact Lenses have no longer remain a cosmetic need,but a number of lens designs have been developed to help improving the vision in corneas with scar,keratinous,corneal ectasia,dry eyes or in severe cases after chemical or thermal burns to the eyes or stevens Johnson syndrome.These eyes otherwise were handicapped with poor vision with glasses.Specialty lenses like RGP Lenses ( Rose K2 Lenses,Reverse geometry lenses etc) or Scleral lenses (mini or large scleral Lenses) have been regularly dispensed to our patients with the corneal disabilities.It could also benefit children with one eye amblyopia and high powered glasses.An appointment for these lenses could be taken online also from our website contact page.
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Variety of soft, Semi-soft (Rigid Gas Permeable) and combination lenses are now available to improve the vision in patients with Keratoconus.

Soft Contact lenses

Routine Soft Toric lenses help in improving vision in patients with low cylinders or astigmatism. They do not work in more advanced cases with higher astigmatism. Special Soft lenses, however can work with early to moderate cases.

RGP lenses

These could be small (intracorneal), miniscleral or semiscleral lenses depending upon the size of the lenses.

Small or Intracorneal RGP lenses

The most popular, RoseK2 lenses, are invented to give a good vision and comfortable fit in cases of irregular cornea like Keratoconus, Pellucid marginal degeneration etc. They could be used alone or over a soft contact lens in Piggy Back system of lenses.

Miniscleral or semiscleral lenses

These are large lenses above 12mm and tend to cover entire cornea and part of sclera. Theses work very well in all cases esp. The advanced cases of keratoconus, where, smaller RoseK2 lenses do not fit well or fall off frequently. They could work so well that a surgery like corneal transplant can be avoided in some patients. Various options are available like RoseK2 miniscleral lenses, Jupiter lenses or Universal KC lenses etc.

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